The California Drainage Rain Barrel System

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It’s estimated that during the summer months the average homeowner uses 40% of their household water in the yard. While all that water may make for a lush yard, it's a huge drain on our already shrink supply. The tribulation of drought impacts everyone's daily lives through agriculture, economy, and all industries that rely on plants. As of now, California is facing a huge drought. The problem I would like to solve in my community is water conservation for drought using a sustainable method. If every household in a small neighborhood attempted to make a small effort to conserve water imagine how much water we could save! As a result of the drought rain is scarce, so when it does rain we should take a full initiative to direct it to our advantage. Rain does so much for the Earth as it filters the air, provides water for plants, and replenishes streams and lakes. When rainwater is not doing any of these tasks it is going to waste flooding…show more content…
You will need one large plastic container, one roll of plumbers tape, two rubber washers, two metal washers, one hose clamp, one spigot, screen, a rubber band, and a drill. Begin by using your drill to make a hole close to the base of your barrel. Use a drill that is somewhat smaller than the spigot. Put a metal washer onto the strung end of a nozzle, then put a snug fitting rubber washer over the threads to help hold the washer up. Next, apply plumber's tape to the rubber washer and embed the spigot into the opening. At that point run a washer, trailed by a metal washer onto the end of the spigot inside the barrel. Secure the nozzle set up inside your barrel with the hose clip. Carefully cut a hole in the lid. Ensure that the gap so it's sufficiently huge to oblige the water stream. Place mesh over the entrance hole and secure it in place with a rubber band. Position the barrel underneath your downspout in a convenient spot. It’s all done and ready for
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