The California Gold Rush

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The California Gold Rush was a spectacular event in California’s history. It occurred from 1848-1855. Many people migrated to California to find the gold that was said to be there. This changed California from a dreary and unpopulated place to a thriving and happy place to be. Not everyone struck it rich, though, not even the person who discovered it, James W. Marshall. California’s motto, Eureka, is a reference to the Gold Rush. The California Gold Rush was a life-changing event for many people and is still thought of today. California was unsettled until Mexico gained its independence from Spain in 1824. After that, Mexico controlled California. Soon after, trading began in California (Alchin). Lewis and Clark were in California before the Gold Rush happened, during their expedition. While in California, they discovered a new plant called the California Rhododendron (“Lewis and Clark”). American Indians were in California during this time as well. They were not treated well by any means during the 1800s. When the Gold Rush did happen, they participated in the mining. Then the whites started using them for labor in the mines after seeing how hard they could work (Alchin). James W. Marshall was born in 1810 in New Jersey. His parents were Philip Marshall and Sarah Wilson. He had three other siblings and he was the oldest and only boy. All of his siblings were girls. In 1816 James’ dad had five acres of land and built a house on it. James was a carpenter and repaired wood
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