The California Water Crisis And The Fight For Conservation

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Ever since the early nineteenth century until today, the California water crisis has been an issue that is yet to be resolved. As one of the largest states with a population of over thirty million (Class Discussion); water consumption is in high demand. "From the very beginning, California was a state with tremendous agricultural potential"(Chan, S., and Olin, S. Pg 136). A similarity from both the California of the early 1800 's and today is that water is an expensive and important resource being sourced primarily from the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The difference between then and now is that previously we had an abundant water supply but we did not know how to utilize it effectively to meet demand. Contrast that situation to today, and the demand for water remains, however the supply is no longer available to meet the needs of Californians. In this paper, we will discuss the legislative decision 's to bring California’s water supply to its people, the fight for conservation, and discuss the drought as it is today. During the early 1800s and 1900s the legislation passed involving water was regarding how it could be brought to the people. In 1886, Lux vs Haggin established the "California Doctrine"(Sucheng, C., and Olin, S. Pg 138). This ruled that any corporation or person to whom was brought water by an agent of the state would be charged a fee and need to comply with all rules and regulations. The main reason for the written law was to "provide a mode by which the state,

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