The Call By Yannick Murphy

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Book Review: “The Call” by Yannick Murphy One of Yannick Murphy’s most respected reads, “The Call”, was published in 2011 by HarperCollins Publishers. Murphy’s imaginative and tactical writing style creates a novel that takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster. In “The Call”, readers will be faced with question, uncertainty, anger, and hardship, with welcomed highlights of family unity, humor and undying passion. The unusual writing style at first seems unappealing but, within a few pages the book quickly develops into a compelling read. The book contains an assembly of diverse characters allowing readers to bond with the novel. As someone who recently finished “The Call” and as my first Yannick Murphy novel, I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed the story. In a small town of New England a close-knit family lives in the outskirts of town enjoying all that nature has to offer. Told as a narrative through David Appleton’s log we learn a lot about him, his wife Jen, and their three children Mia, Sarah and Sam. Additionally, we meet many more characters through David’s numerous veterinarian calls. In great detail we are witnessed to both the delightful and unpleasant perks of David’s work. Oddly, an unknown caller turns up randomly throughout the novel. The strength of the family is tested once a terrible hunting accident lands Sam in a comma. During David’s obsessive search to find out who hurt Sam he often believes the unknown caller knows what happened to
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