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The Call Of Jack London


     During a time when man had gold fever, and

philosophical views plagued the minds of many, one man took

these views and turned them into great outdoor adventures.

John “Jack” Griffith London, a twentieth century author,

wrote The Call of the Wild, other novels, and short stories

that depict the philosophical views of the time and added

adventure to them by using his own life experiences that

carried thousands of men including himself to the Klondike

in search of gold.

      In Winter 1876 San Francisco John and Flora London

shared the joy of childbirth in the celebration of their

only child together. They named the
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He married Elizabeth Maddern and had two daughters, Joan and

Bess. He wrote his first novel shortly after this

engagement entitled The Call of the Wild. He became famous

however fame could not cover his depression(McCracken 371).

     Soon after his new fame, Jack London went to the

Russo-Japanese War as a correspondent for The San Francisco

Examiner. Upon his return to the USA he was sued for

divorce. The day after the divorce was final Jack London

remarried a woman by the name of Charmain Kittredge. The

two of them set forth on a voyage around the world. The

crew and Jack became vary sick and were forced to abandon

the trip within a two year time. “He was constantly sick

with Uremia and was warned to alter his diet and

habits.”(McCracken 372) “On the morning of November 22,

1916, he was found unconscious and died that

evening.”(McCracken 372) Uremic poisoning was ruled the

cause of his death, however a note pad on his night stand

had a calculation of the amount of morphine it would take to

kill a man, and on the floor were empty viles of that such

drug.(Kunitz and Haycraft 844) “Like his autobiographical

hero Martin Eden, he had taken refuge in suicide.”(Kunitz

and Haycraft 845)

     The second half of the nineteenth century called

American fiction writers to turn to Europe and France for

inspiration. Upon Jack London’s arrival, he had an edge

over the writing population
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