The Call Of The Wild : The Motif Of Animal Imagery

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“The Call Of The Wild”: The motif of animal imagery in the play Medea Animals: a species that have adapted to our ways of life, creatures of comfort, and figures of impotence. However animals also have a wild behaviors, an inner beast that they use to establish their own form of dominance. The theme of animals is as essential to the text as the spots of the cheetah, within the play, Medea written by the greek tragedian Euripides, he repeatedly uses animal imagery to stoutly betoken the strength and weakness of the eponymous character. Where she struggles between becoming a impotent creature to her environment and discovering her dominance. At first Euripides uses the motif of animal imagery to show how Medea is weak, but then…show more content…
The evidence proves that the motif reveals Medea’s weakness to others around her because the nurse’s warning to the boys is much like one a doctor would give to an ill patient, the animal imagery the author uses shows how uneasy Medea has become since being left alone in Helias. Medea’s “Ways[being] too wild” is a way of the Author showing that she is becoming less and less of a mother to her children and more of an animal that is she is uneasy because she is weak due to her unnatural behavior towards her own flesh and blood. Therefore, the motif of animal imagery shows Medea as a weak and powerless woman at the start of the play in the eyes of those around her and herself.
Despite Medea’s weak state, later on the animal imagery shows how strong she becomes and how she gains power. One example of this is when Medea looks at her at her sons, while the nurse taking care of the boys and Medea in their home she watches them and notices that it is not a look of mother’s love “yet it’s with a look of a lioness” with her glare as if she “just gave birth” (Euripides 6). The animal imagery here reveals Medea as a powerful because the author gives her a look of “lioness” to emphasize the creature that Medea has become after being betrayed and abandoned. Much
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