The Call and Engaging God’s World by Cornelius Plantinga are Treasures

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The books were very informative and educational to a person gaining information on becoming a Christian as well adding information to an existing Christian in faith. The books have many passages that touch your heart and really make you think about your actions and words we have towards others in today’s times we live in. I feel there are many things we can learn in these books that were assigned in this semesters books. It was a lot of work to read these books as well as maintain four classes, but I am grateful for the opportunity to have been asked to read the books and gain the information I did from doing so.
In the book The Call it states a number of questions people often ask themselves such as who am I? Where do I belong? These are a few questions everyone has probably asked themselves once in their lifetimes and to be honest it all reflects back to their relationship with God. If we have a good strong relationship with God then can be secure in our decisions and relationships we pose throughout of lives. As long as we have God there is no need to worry because he has a plan for us and knows what is best for us and our lives at the current time.
Page thirteen states “God alone needs nothing outside himself, because he himself is the highest and the only lasting good.”…
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