The Call of the Wind

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The Call of the Wild is a book that follows a dog named Buck throughout his journey from the soft and civilized world to the harsh Alaskan tundra. There are several events throughout the story which that illustrate Buck’s gradual decline from a civilized state of mind to a savage and primal mode of thinking (though Jack London seems to believe that the civilized state of mind is a decline from the primal state of mind ). Jack London makes the implication that Buck is a wild dog, but I would argue against that claim. I would argue that each step Buck takes towards a more wild state of existence, as described by London, is a product of men and that the wild creature known as Buck is but an artificial creation—a construction of men. You …show more content…
For that far away metal, a source of economic prosperity for some and a source of grief for others, Buck being associated with the latter, would eventually be the reason Buck should arrive in Alaska to begin with. Just as the supply of gold should increase, so should the supply of dogs increase, and that is the beginning of Buck’s journey: a demand for “heavy dogs with strong muscles with which to toil” (London 9 ). This situation of men, an economic factor to be sure, would eventually influence the outcome, character, and life of Buck. Perhaps Mark Seltzer says it better than I when he states “The twin principles of gold and the machine are the economic principles that put bodies in motion across the landscape of the great white male north” (qtd. in Bruni 28 ). This is an important observation because it is the beginning of Buck, the factor which determines all things to come. Without these factors, Manuel would never have been compelled to steal Buck, and Buck would never have found himself in Alaska.
As a result of a demand for capable, strong and meaty dogs, Bbuck was kidnapped by a man named Manuel, who is one of the tenants of his land . Eventually, Buck would be sold for a purse of one hundred dollars (about 2,500 dollars when translated to 2013 dollars ). Buck was “thrown down and choked repeatedly” and would face many torments while on his way

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