The Cameron County Indigent Department

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My research was based on The Cameron County Indigent Department. The name was changed to Cameron Care when the program was outsourced to Valley Baptist Medical Center. The program is a last resort assistance program that provides medical assistance to the needy, homeless, and the poor. The quote used above had many meanings for different situations. For this research paper it means that during our journey through life sometimes we lose our hope and reason for living. It is through perseverance and assistance programs that sometimes we find our way back. When other social departments, such as the Social Security Administration, Medicaid, or private insurance fail to provide adequate medical resources the Cameron County Indigent Program might be able to assist. The program offers a variety of health care options to eligible individuals who are in need of wellness and life threatening medical conditions. This program is supported by the County and is subject to eight percent of the GRTL (General Revenue Tax Levy). This paper will cover the history, eligibility, case processing, function and possible intervention proposal to the program that better helps to serve the county’s residents.
History of the Cameron County Indigent Program The historical perspective of the County indigent program came about due to Chapter 61, Health and Safety Code, which defines the responsibilities of counties, hospital districts, and public hospitals in providing health care to eligible…
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