The Campaign, A Good And Positive Light

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Identity As we created this campaign, we developed several themes, symbols, motives and values in order to bring the project together and ensure the audience would receive it favorably, or in a beneficial and positive light. In the campaign, there are two primary themes, the first of which is recognition. In general, KULT is an unknown and ambiguous organization that needs to build a brand or an image for itself among students. The second theme of the campaign is unity. KULT wants to be seen as an organization that offers specific services and content to students who listen to the station or work for it. The goal of the campaign, then, is to provide a unified message to the audience showing exactly what KULT is, what it can do for students, and what it means to be involved. The message will unify the student body by presenting these facts, creating a sense of understanding and interest in the station. These two themes are carried out in several ways. Our motive is to bring students together in recognizing and understanding KULT so they can not only enjoy it, but take advantage of it. Our values are focused around those of KULT: offering something new and fun to benefit the panther community in whatever ways they can and building a community in the station. We bring these elements together with a symbol: a new logo for KULT. By tying these elements together and promoting them through the message and new logo, people will have a better understanding of KULT and its
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