The Campaign Hand Race, Gender, And The Body : Beauty Service Work

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References Kang, Miliann. 2010. The Managed Hand Race, Gender, and the body in beauty service work. Berkeley and Los Angeles, CA: University of California Press Shameika Williams April 1, 2016 Short Book Review V. Peters The Managed Hand Race, Gender, and the Body in Beauty Service Work In the beginning of The Managed Hand the author outlines why Korean women in New York City had the need to immigrate to America and delve into the profession of nail and beauty care. In their native country washing another person’s feet can be viewed as degrading, but…show more content…
When shops get busy, tools are often removed early and used on the next client. Manicures and pedicures may cause microtraumas to the skin by nail filing or cuticle cutting, resulting in infection. “Those little micro-injuries that can be unseen are the ones that can lead to big problems,” Spalding says. Hepatitis B, MRSA, and other bacterial infections are potentially life-threatening and can be picked up in salons. “There’s a huge difference between a bacterial infection and a fungal infection," Spalding adds. “A huge number of people walk in with nail fungus, and most state laws prohibit them to be served, but they are served anyway. That then causes a bigger problem on the bacterial level.” In this book it is bought to the attention of nail customers, many individuals do not initiate conversation with you while they are performing your services out of respect for you. They believe it is rude an unprofessional to engage in conversation while you are providing a professional service. As americans we have this underlying patriotic duty not to patronize business that has been established in America that takes jobs from peolle who are native to America and are thus evaluated to need the job more than an immigrant. This is not completely true when it comes to body work, but it can be predicted all people receiving a body service would enjoy receiving that service from an individual who is like them in
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