The Campaign Of The Star Wars Expanded Universe Billboard Project

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Greetings everyone! Talk about a busy week so far for the Star Wars Expanded Universe Billboard Project! We are thrilled to see so many of you Expanded Universe fans just finding us for the first time this week! Great to have you all! While I would love to stay on a positive note, as this campaign’s administrator I feel obligated to address some of the concerns and criticisms our campaign has received over the past three days. Those being, that our efforts do not have the money nor the amount of people to cause the change we are after to occur, that the money we raised should have all gone to charity and finally that "we need to get our house in order.” To address the first criticism, that the money we raised and the numbers…show more content…
Next, consider that this campaign was run entirely by fans who, until this week, most of you have never even heard of. Let’s face it, most of you still don’t know much about any one of the people behind this campaign. So consider that, at the time of the fundraiser, people knew even less. What guarantee was there that we would do what we claimed we would do? I know several within the Expanded Universe Movement at varying levels of involvement were openly asking why they would trust a crowdfunding effort headed by random people from within the movement. After all, crowdfunding has had a rocky history at times. While our team did its best to reassure people that we would install a billboard in San Francisco, we were unable to give the certainty that more well-known individuals would have been capable of giving. Too, we had our hands tied on even releasing the location of the billboard during the fundraiser because of various threats and potential obstacles aimed at our efforts. Finally consider that our community on the internet is not all encompassing of every Expanded Universe fan in the world. Someone had to purchase enough books to give all those legends stories best seller status! So considering that, even our maximum reach, in the ideal time with everyone having money to give and everyone believing we would do as we said, it still only represents a small
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