The Campaign Year 1988 : George Bush And One From Michael Dukakis

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For this assignment, I chose the campaign year 1988 to compare and contrast two advertisements, one from George Bush and one from Michael Dukakis. The advertisement I chose to view for George Bush was entitled “Family/Children” and the advertisement I chose to view for Michael Dukakis was entitled “New Era.”

Republican, George Bush:
In George Bush’s “Family/Children” advertisement, the main focus was George Bush as an American family man who has met every challenge in his past, and he is proud to be an American. Because of this focus, I would categorize this advertisement as biographical.

Democrat, Michael Dukakis
In Michael Dukakis’s “New Era” advertisement, the focus was on Dukakis’s many achievements: creating jobs, lowering debt, and cutting taxes. This ad inferred that Dukakis would be qualified to bring America into the next era of economic greatness. Due to the focus of this advertisement, I believe the category that best fits is issue-oriented.

Republican, George Bush:
In George Bush’s campaign advertisement, two people were talking about George Bush: Barbara Bush and a male narrator. The first speaker, Barbara Bush spoke highly of George Bush through a sincere tone as she described how she wished people saw him as she sees him. The next speaker was a male narrator who also spoke highly of George Bush in a reverent tone as he explained that George Bush met every challenge given to him by his country. The tones each speaker used, reaffirmed the message…
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