The Campus Carry Bill Is A Controversial Bill

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The campus carry bill is a controversial bill that has been passed in many states and in August 2016 it will be enforced in Texas. States like Colorado, Idaho, Kansas and Mississippi have all approved the bill allowing private colleges to follow the law or not, however public colleges are only allowed to choose areas on campus that will be gun-free. The campus carry bill states, individuals 21 years of age, which obtain a handgun license, will be able to carry a gun on campus. The idea of the campus carry bill is to increase the people’s safety and decrease the number of mass shootings and other cases in the United States. There have been many questions brought up by both sides of the issue; there are many pros and cons on the issue that will go into effect with the campus carry bill. Twenty States in the Unites States have prohibited the law for carrying concealed guns on campus, but many others will be passing the bill to give students the right to carry a gun on campus.
Those that are non-supporters of the bill insist guns on campuses will lead to more tragedies. They believe there is no evidence that can conclude that guns on campus will decrease crimes. According to the author Darby Dickerson, ‘‘ Research has shown that the brains of most college students have not fully developed with regards to impulse control and judgment; therefore, allowing students access to guns could actually increase reckless shooting incidents.”(Dickerson). Non-Supporters believe giving guns…

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