The Campus Of Florida State University A Study

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In 1978 on the campus of Florida State University a study was done in which the results would seem obvious to us today. If you were a female or male on campus during this time you may have been approached and told "I have been noticing you around campus. I find you to be attractive. Would you go to bed with me tonight?" If you were a male in the study you probably would have thought it was truly a gift from God. But it is simply too good to be true. The experiment was led by a psychologist named Russell Clark who was very interested in relationships and the differences between males and females. Clark was able to get his students from his psychology class to help him find out some answers. The experiment was designed to find which gender…show more content…
This isn’t surprising because most people are probably thinking why not? It could be fun. However, once the questions became racier the difference between men’s and women’s responses was highlighted. In the experiment held only six percent of women said yes to a visit to a random man’s apartment, when about sixty-nine percent of men were eager to say yes. This also doesn’t seem to be a surprise because most guys feel safer going to a random girl’s apartment then vice versa. When the third question was asked and casual sex was requested, no women said yes, but about seventy-five percent of men accepted the proposal without second thought. The men who declined the offer all gave an excuse to justify the rejection such as stating they are married or currently is in a relationship. Women, on the contrary, denied the requests with quick responses such as “What is wrong with you?” or “leave me alone.” The results show that women become highly grossed out when asked the third question and not one felt the urge to say yes. The results of the experiment are not too shocking because it commonly acknowledged that men have greater sexual desires and demands than that of females. Clark had some speculations when the results of the experiment were developed citing reasons why the numbers vary so much between
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