The Canada Health Act And The Medical Care Act

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As evolved to the changes as a whole. The article summarizes the general Acts that were put into place in Canada in the 1980s, for example, the Canada Health Act and The Medical Care Act. The article outlines the characteristics of the primary health care reform in Canada. The authors provide an analysis to why the reform occurred to the end achievements, covering all of the steps in between. The article is more focused on the goals and objectives rather than the strategy of the reform. The main objectives of the reform were timeliness, effectiveness, safety, efficiency, person centeredness, and equity which mirrored the Institute of Medicine’s goals. The authors demonstrates the initiatives that helped the progression of completing these…show more content…
The article expresses the achievements of the Canadian system by expressing low administration costs, great medical procedures, and the universal coverage. Isbister summarizes the problems of various categories such as nurses, technology, abortion, etc., and their impact on the health care system.but that both are poor in terms of health analysis and research. f Health Care in Canada focuses on how the health care system in Canada was once viewed and how it is viewed today. Medicare was transformed throughout the years and this article describes what has gone wrong in the system. The author explains the culture of the Canadian health care system and how it is divided between two governments: the federal government and the provincial government. The author explains the issue of privatization in the Canadian health care system and details the three factors that have contributed to the issue. These factors include: the ethical basis, the extensive government reinvestments have not helped the system, and the increase in new forms of privatization. The article debates whether new forms of privatization are improving or worsening the current Medicare system and summarizes what the future of Medicare holds for the Canadian health care system.

Additionally, it examines the challenges that they face in the decision making process that occurs in
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