The Canada 's Health Care System Essay

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The Canada’s health care system is very interesting in the fact that it is government-funded and individuals are provided preventative care, medical treatments, dental surgery and other medical services with few exceptions. All citizens qualify for health coverage regardless of medical history, personal income or their standard of living. Medicare is Canada is a government funded universal health insurance established by legislation passed in 1957, 1966, and 1984. The Canadian healthcare system evolved, rising cost of hospital and medical services led citizens, progressive health professionals and some politicians to argue that healthcare was a social good not another purchasable commodity. This viewpoint was challenged by those who stated that individuals must take responsibility for their own healthcare needs through private, prepaid insurance plans and that the government should underwrite the cost for those who could not afford such benefits. The Canadian population is aging and the age of sex structure of Canada’s population has changed within the past 50 years. In the mid twentieth-century, the population distribution was pyramidal owing to the large number of young people but by 20016 the population structure ceased to resemble a pyramid as a result of the drop in fertility and the steady increase of life expectancy. In 2006 16 percent of the Canadian population consisted of young people under 15 years of age, 69 percent of persons aged 15-64 years, and 13 percent

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