The Canadian Association Of Social Work

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In the profession of Social Work there are several policies, procedures, rules and guidelines that govern the way we make ethical decisions. Our job as Social Workers is to be knowledgeable of the professions needs and engage, assess, intervene, and evaluate with individuals, families and organizations in order to help them understand the value and importance of self-worth and self-determination when making decisions. The Canadian Association of Social Work (CASW) provides us with a Code of Ethics, which outlines the mission and values of the profession when dealing with ethical dilemmas. It creates a common framework for workers to develop approaches, understanding and boundaries to follow when working with clients (CASW, 2005).

From time to time Social Workers will be faced with ethical dilemmas. You can see anything from child abuse to death of a client and should be prepared for anything. Making appropriate decisions can become very difficult, as everyone upholds their core set of values and beliefs, which in turn affects the way you make justifiable ethical decisions. However, Social Work is ever changing and one consensus you come to with one client, may not work for the next.

Identifying as a professional Social Worker involves conducting yourself accordingly to the ethical principles of the practice. Applying a broad range of critical thinking skills and problem solving is key to help strengthen the relationships between you and clients in order to draw on…
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