The Canadian Automotive Museum

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Cars have been a primary means of transportation for many people for a long time. Similarly, Oshawa has been a part of the GM family for a long time, from factories to dealerships. For my materiality assignment I will be looking at the Canadian Automotive Museum that is located in downtown Oshawa. Before the Museum took over in the 1960’s, the building was home to a dealership and created in 1921 (‘Canadian Automotive Museum - History’, n.d.). Interestingly for me, in 1924 Ontario Motor Sales – another GM car dealership, operated within the same building. After a few years OMS left their Simcoe office and relocated down Bond Street, still in Oshawa. This company is actually where I got my current car from, a 2014 Chevy Cruze – named Kacey. This paper will be analyzing the materiality of the culture revolving around vintage cars in the Canadian Automotive Museum. The actor-network theory and culturalism frameworks will work to help define the nature of culture for the Canadian Automotive Museum and how it is depicted analyzing that culture under the definitions of documentary records and social movements. I will break it down into three sectors, in the materiality section I discuss the actor-network theory and cultural construction of materialized objects. In the culture section I use the documentation definition of culture and the actor-network theory to analyze the culture of the material. In the culturalism section I use the social definition of culture to…
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