The Canadian Beaver Express : The First Ultra Luxury Train Of Canada

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Introduction Our concept is to provide an ultra luxury product and service to the market for consumption. Our product is named “The Canadian Beaver Express” and our mission is to offer an elegant and luxurious train ride experience using our first class product and excellent services that will evoke a strong sense of association as in history, heritage and decadence of a leisurely ride. This ultra luxury train service will run across Canada. However, in the initial stages we offer an all inclusive journey from Toronto to Quebec City, passing though Niagara region, Ottawa and Montreal. “The Canadian Beaver Express will launch itself as the first ultra luxury train of Canada. Environmental Analysis PEST ANALYSIS 1) Political Factors: Canada is a politically stable country. The budget deficit is moderately relative to any other jurisdiction. The biggest trading partner for Canada is USA, followed by China and Mexico. The country has a very low inflation risk because of its good monetary policy. In addition, during the last 4 years of the financial crisis, Canada has the lowest downturn rate in the G7 Countries. According to a recent survey, more than 81% of people want the new government to invest in rail infrastructure and as it’s a hot topic during the elections, there are possibilities of future investments in the rail industries. 2) Economic Factors: The economy of Canada is not the fastest growing economy in the world but it shows growth and stability. The rating

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