The Canadian Charter Of Right And Freedom

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Canada today faces a major challenge when it comes to access to justice. The civil, criminal and family justice system has become very complicated, slow and extremely expensive for majority of Canadians. These issues are particularly glaring to low income earners, people with disabilities and other minorities. Canadian justice system have become incapable of providing solutions that can addressing problems brought to it. With the creation of the Canadian charter of right and freedom, access to justice became more of an equality issue. It moved from simply being the capacity to litigate, to the quality of outcome or outcome focused. While there have been efforts to reform the system, our courts continues to lack institutional structures that can address change and create a more equitable judicial system both in capacity and outcome. JUSTICE FOR ALL Currently, the movement for reform has primarily been centered on broader legal issues experience by everyday Canadians, not just litigants. More so, those reform efforts have been centered on the justice system approaching to access issues from the perspective of individuals experiencing them. According to (citation) historically, access to justice movements focused primarily on the formal judicial systems (courts, lawyers, tribunals and judges) and the process involve in all of those systems (citation). While the formal system is central to the adjudication of justice, it is also important to consider those using the system.
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