The Canadian Fitness And Lifestyle Research Institute

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Everyone wants to get high productivity and efficiency in completing their work. There are lots of studies have shown that employees, who get regular exercise, have better performance on the job. From employees’ point of view, one of the competitive benefits that companies are offering is a full-service, on-site fitness facilities for their employees. While this certainly is significant, it may not be enough, for employers to begin installing onsite fitness center. However, there are a number of other reasons that the investment of onsite fitness center can benefit both employees of the company, and the employer itself. Background The Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute says just one-fifth of small Canadian businesses offers fitness or physical activities for employees. The Public Health Agency of Canada estimates 16 million adult Canadians spend half of their waking hours at work, making it increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Companies these days always compete for the best employees, but they also try to keep those employees for a longer time. To stay competitive in the human resources market, many companies are now building good, on-site gyms for their employees to keep them for a longer time. A LONG TERM HEALTHY AND WELLNESS STRATEGY Have an onsite fitness service in company is a long term healthy and wellness strategy because it can: Promote a healthy lifestyle philosophy Nowadays, more and more people realize that
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