The Canadian Health Care System

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Canada is a country known for having high standards of health care with free access to all citizens. Despite this being a widely held idea, the reality is that marginalized groups are not experiencing the same standards of health care as other Canadian Citizens. Despite the fact that some researchers say racialization does not play a factor in the level of health care received by people (Guilfoyle 1512), Indigenous Peoples in Canada do not have equal access to the Canadian health care system due to the problems arising from long-standing systemic issues, barriers to access, widely accepted stereotypes, and a lack of cultural safety training.

When discussing a minority group that has faced oppression and extensive amount of labelling from others it is important to agree on appropriate and proper terminology that is defined by the individuals themselves. Indigenous Peoples is the most up to date, appropriate term which will be used to refer to all First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people in Canada and is interchangeable with outdated terms such as Aboriginal or Indian which can be seen in quotations. The term Settler refers to all people who moved from European countries, in this case mostly Britain and France, who colonized Indigenous Lands that later became referred to as Canada.
The process of colonization and attempted assimilation by Settlers left Indigenous populations across Canada in a broken state. High rates of suicide, lower overall health, higher rates of poverty,

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