The Canadian Health Care System

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Introduction to the issue (e.g. problem, dilemma, concern); include a thesis statement. The Canadian health care system is certainly unique in its features…. Despite, the fact that the Canadian health care system is one of the most evolved in the world, it lacks a sense of an efficiency effective mission, in which would improve the quality and accessibility of health care in the management perspective. In this paper we will analyze current ineffective practices, and alternate methods; in regards to patient information records on a large scale. Thus, by the removal of the traditional paper records in regards to patient information will prove to be an in effective process, calling for a technological evolution of health information by the means of Computerized Patient Records. Through the process of EMR’s the desired target would be to lead Canadian health care towards a future with an integrated delivery system, in which connects health care under one unified system. furthermore, EMR’s will lead to a more effective and efficient patient care. And lastly the introduction of the system would lead to a more effective allocation of resources in health care, thus looking at the cost in relation to the benefit. Thus the introductions of Computerized Health Records on a large scale would relive the financial and derivative stress on the health care economics, and system, and in so doing the use of EMR’s would strengthen the nations productivity Why is it an issue and how has
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