The Canadian Justice System Is The Mechanism That Bears On The Principle Of The Rule Of Law

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The Canadian justice system is the mechanism that bears on the principle of the rule of law (English Magna Carta issued by King John in 1215). The aspect of the rule of law in Canada is that all people are subjected to the law; that no single person, no matter how important or powerful, is above the law and that the rule of law should be respected and applied equally(Griffiths p. 5). The principles of rule of law in Canada can be identified in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which administers the protection of individuals and ensures fairness during all legal proceeding (Graffiths p.6). For this being, all aspects of the criminal justice must be conducted in a way that does not disobey the rights approved to all…show more content…
Overall, the criminal courts take-up a critical stand in the Canadian criminal justice system as it examines the pre-trail process, the courtroom workgroup and the flow of cases.

In this report, a critical analysis and observation of the Canadian criminal courts will examine the prosecution of criminal cases, starting with the pre-trail process(behind the scene), the professionals who occupy the courtrooms (“one shot” players also known as the courtroom workgroup) and the procedures for a criminal case (the flow of cases).The observation for this paper took place in College court located at Yonge Street West, around 10am - 1pm on October 31, 2014. The purpose of this observation was to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the Canadian criminal courts role in dispensing the Canadian justice system. The observations includes an in-depth study of the key aspects and roles of prosecutors in criminal cases, the method in which cases proceed, the way prosecutors, defence lawyers and judges handle cases and the procedures taken before criminal trails. Overall this paper is the study of the day to day functioning of the criminal courts and criminal justice system.

To start off, one of the major observations done in this critical analysis of the Canadian criminal courts is the pre-trial process that is established behind the scenes of a criminal trail. That is to say, before all
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