The Canadian Labor Market Of Canada

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There is a very strong emphasis on human rights systems and laws to address discrimination in Canada. Unfortunately simultaneously, Canadians also have a heritage of racism. It is not targeted only at Aboriginal persons, contrary to a common belief; it is also targeted towards other groups also, consisting of Chinese, African, South Asian, Japanese, Muslim and Jewish Canadians. Even today the Canadian structures and systems are affected by this legacy distressing the lives of everyone and especially the racialized people in Canada.
This paper is an attempt to understand ethnicity exhibited in the Canadian labor market. There is a long history of maintaining unfair policies and biased practices towards Canadians who are racially different on the basis of skin color and other apparent features. Sadly with time unfavorable policies and differential treatments targeted at racial minorities turn out to be specialized characteristics for these groups. Given this framework, unfavorable social features ascribed to racial minorities and superficial characteristics become inseparable. It has been proved by research that even to this day; Canadian society persists to assign disparate social value to people of diverse origins. Several studies have reveal that non-white minorities are regarded as generally less favorable and less desirable than people of European origin by Canadians, and that the concept of “race” continues to be a way to make sense of their daily experiences
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