The Canadian Nurses ' Association

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The Canadian Nurses’ Association (2007) definition of a Registered Nurse in part states that the members are, “self-regulated healthcare professionals who work autonomously and in collaboration with others enabling individuals, families, groups, communities and populations to achieve their optimal health” (p. 10). To ensure that safe and ethical care is being administered, the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO, 2015) outlines several practice standards and guidelines to be followed by its members. Within this framework, the nursing profession has a multitude of concepts to explore and apply when providing the best possible client care. Recovery is a multi-dimensional concept directly related to professional caring and practice experience in nursing. To understand the role recovery plays in a patient’s treatment one must investigate the various components that make up this concept. In this paper, I will present the phases and dimensions associated with recovery and any influencing factors relating to the process. The research and knowledge gained will be used to relate the aspects of the concept to professional caring. I will reflect on enhancing and integrating my comprehension of the concept in my future professional nursing care as I continue my journey as a healthcare provider. My clinical placement this semester involves specialized surgical procedures relating to degenerative spinal conditions and injuries. My encounter in the professional practice setting involves a
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