The Canadian Philosopher Of Communication Theory

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The Canadian philosopher of communication theory, Marshall McLuhan, once said that “advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century”. Indeed, we are exposed to numerous advertisements every day. They come at us in many different forms and ways through TV screens, billboards, magazines, web pages, door-to-door sales, and even radio. Advertisements are not fundamentally bad, but a lot of them use manipulative tactic and tricks which influence us in ways we do not even realize. Even though you might think you ignore them all the time and they do not really affect you in any way, that might not be necessarily the case. Many people have difficulty accepting the idea that advertisements are manipulative, as we want to believe that we…show more content…
However, this does not prevent some companies and parties to advertise their products in one or more of those ways. There is always of question of how advertising manipulates people’s desires and the answer lies within the collocation of language and audio-visual impulses. A human brain can cognitively comprehend what is uttered through language. The language in its turn can include audiovisual imagery, which is the main thing that manipulates people into buying products. Words in advertising are carefully selected because the advertisers do not impose their advertisements on the potential customers as they might react to its message in a negative way. Advertisers use something called illocution, the main objective of which is to persuade the consumer in such a way that they eventually buy their product. The illocutionary acts can be of the following types: assertives, commissives, directives, expressives and many others. As Van Dijk (2001: 352) states advertisers control the context first and decide what is going to be launched and advertised, when, how and to whom. The following paragraph will reveal various, most important mechanisms which advertisers use to manipulate by means of persuasion. Fig. 1. Rating of Advertising Channels (Zhilkina)
One of the most important and effective language manipulative techniques is
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