The Canadian School System Essay

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A school system should support, respect and be obligated to teach the children in Canada about their culture. The Canadian school system must provide First Nations children with some knowledge of their past in order to understand the present and plan for the future. (Kirkness, 1992). Its responsibility should be to help students understand their past and discover what role their people should play in the future development of their communities and the country. (Indian and Northern Affairs, 1993). Educators face the task of identifying strategies that will build on the cultural identity of the children, promote academic success and that will provide skills that will prepare them for the Canadian society in which they live.
Before the Europeans arrived in North America the First Nations people had its own form of education. Education took on many forms. Education could be had in the community and in nature. It could include ceremonies and traditional stories. Or it could be had through formal instruction where members of the community gave children the knowledge, skill, and values to survive in the society. But then the Europeans arrived in North America and changed everything. Christian missionaries thought they had to save the souls of the Indians and deliver them to Christ. (Jaenen, 1986). One way of doing this was to remove the First Nations children from their parents’ home and place them in residential schools. The children were forbidden to speak their…