The Candide : An Era Of Enlightenment Philosopher Essay

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Alexander Luna English 5 M/W I. Sperry October 1, 2014 Word Count: François-Marie Arouet, also known as Voltaire after his writings exiled him from france, was an Era of Enlightenment philosopher that focused on social oppression, Government corruption, and fanaticism; i.e, optimistic philosophy and religion. Voltaire 's writing style was indignantly satirical to the late middle ages system, but despite exile from France because of his writing, he became popular among the masses for his philosophy. Candide, one of Voltaire 's more famous works, expresses lack of reasoning in optimistic philosophy, for the application of practical issues. Candide’s journey is expressed in a quick turnover of events, leaving the reader unavailable to emotionally attach themselves to tragedies; however, Candide’s transformation to an ethical individual is expressed by the lack of practical use of optimistic philosophy. Candide was written during first contact between the western and eastern hemispheres, the transformation to Industrialization and secularism, and social and educational reform throughout Europe. What became to be known as the Enlightenment era, drove Voltaire into writing against institutions and religions that opposed the enlightenment. Through Voltaire’s satire in Candide, Candide question’s his framing of the natural world that is due in large by Pangloss, his mentor on Optimistic Philosophy. Pangloss had mentored Candide, in Westphalia in the castle of the Baron of
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