The Cane Toad : An Invasive Species Problem

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than usually destroy the environment they are introduced to. Take the cane toad for example; this is an invasive species problem that is currently occurring in the United States. The cane toad (Rhinella marina), is a species that is native to South America, Central America, Mexico, and southwestern Texas. The cane toad began to become introduced in Florida, Hawaii, and even Louisiana. Originally, they were let out around sugar cane plantations in order to eliminate pests that ate the cane. Eventually they “escaped” and people began to keep them as pets and in their backyards. The cane toad preys on and can sometimes compete with native species due to having similar niches. The cane toad also secretes a toxic chemical from its skin, which is extremely poisonous for common household pets, including dogs, cats and birds (Hardman). Actually, habitat fragmentation occurs when urbanization occurs. Fragmentation is when infrastructure increases and becomes more advanced, biological entities such as forests and plains are broken up. When these areas go from one large being to multiple smaller ones, the population of species splits up. Small habitat patches are usually not able to support the same level of diversity as they were when the area was a whole, and this ends to some species becoming endangered, even sometimes extinct (Kapoor). A study conducted in a Michigan forest that was fragmented due to rapid urbanization showed that predation increased for many bird species and
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