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The Cannabis Debate The cannabis debate has never been a straightforward one. At the beginning of the 21st century, perceptions and preconceptions about cannabis and its uses have never been more blurred. Some see cannabis as a menace to society whilst others see it as a useful source of fibre, food and medicine. Doctors and scientists spend millions investigating its medicinal value yet for every positive piece of research, there is a negative. (Brownlee, 2003) Cannabis is very widely grown and available, and is usually smoked with or without tobacco. It is obtained as dried leaves or as a resin. It induces feelings of well-being, relaxation and tranquility, though it may also give…show more content…
The same dictionary describes hemp as “the cannabis plant especially when grown for fibre. The fibre of the cannabis plant extracted from the stem and used to make rope, strong fabrics, fiberboard and paper. Used in names of other plants that yield fibre, e.g. Manila hemp. The drug cannabis.” One acre of hemp can produce four times the amount of paper than an acre of trees can. Hemp can also be used as a biomass fuel, as it is one of the fastest growing and most resilient of annual plants. Thus, hemp can be burnt to produce charcoal to fuel power stations, and methanol and fuel oil to supply the same by-products of the traditional fossil fuels. As it is an annual plant, it also removes the carbon dioxide from the environment, thereby redressing the balance. The seeds of the plant are the most nutritious single food source on the planet, containing 80% essential fatty acids that our needed by our immune systems, and can supply a nearly complete diet for both humans and domesticated animals. The seed oil can also be used as the basis for paints and varnishes, and lighting oil. (Bradshaw, 2001) The term cannabinoid was originally used to describe the family of naturally occurring chemicals found in cannabis. Of these, the most significant is .9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) but
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