The Canterbury Tales By Geoffrey Chaucer

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Have you ever read the Canterbury Tales? The story behind The Canterbury Tales is enhancing. Geoffrey Chaucer was a revolutionary writer whose life influenced his writing. Geoffrey Chaucer helped the king and stayed at his service for years. Chaucer quit the service to chase his ambitious dream of being a writer and a poet, and hoped to succeed. Chaucer wrote many stories and poems and his most successful and popular was The Canterbury Tales. His stories were revolutionary and successful. Geoffrey Chaucer 's life was not always good, he was originally a servant and then went to a king 's men. Geoffrey Chaucer 's work was influential and came from his own experience. Chaucer 's work inspired many and was a big part of the Renaissance.

Geoffrey Chaucer 's early life was very hard, whether it was from being a queen 's assistant to working as a kingsman. He had to work his way up in life. Geoffrey Chaucer 's family was of the Bourgeois Class and was known for making money off of the family wine businesses. From what people could tell, Chaucer 's father carried out the wine business. Chaucer as a young teenager went to St. Paul 's Cathedral School, where he first became acquainted with the influential writing of Virgil and Ovid. In 1357 Chaucer became a public servant to Countess Elizabeth of Ulster, the Duke of Clarence 's wife. Though this job was honorable he barely had enough to support himself with food and clothing. In 1359 the teenage Geoffrey Chaucer went off and
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