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The Canterbury Tales 3. The rioters in "The Pardoner's Tale" set our to kill Death because they are afraid to die themselves. They assumed if they killed Death, they wouldn't have to die and also they would live in dignity because they have killed God's adversary. They believed a reward would be at hand given by God to satisfy their lust for their personal desires from others. Also in their drunken rage, liquor had affected their judgment and behavior, and now they believe being haughty and brave in the eyes of the public will spare them from death. 4. The character of the old man is included in "The Pardoner's Tale" because Death is usually represented by the old and the weak. The old man was like a guardian of Mother Earth heaven…show more content…
5. No, I do not think the Pardoner's story will encourage pilgrims to buy indulgences because lust and desires are sins in the Christian world. If a desire is satisfied, more desires will come. Man is a being with unlimited desires. The unfortunate part is man lives in a world with limited resources. Mother Earth can only produce so much, and man cannot live out all of their desires. To live a life with indulgence will mean to take things from others, so the others will not be able to survive without security. The emotion of greed and anger created will take place and create havoc. Man also has another flaw; they cannot survive without security. The creation of havoc is the affects of sin. Pilgrims will not do anything to the account of having sinned themselves because of the effects; therefore, will not buy indulgences. 6. I would describe the narrator's values as being straightforward, realistic, and fair because he portrays man as being lustful and desirous. Man is desirous because he wants the security that he will survive in the world. Man desires to security by wanting more than his necessities. Wanting is a sin because the world cannot accustom to everyone's demand and it will turn out that someone is left with everything and others with nothing at all. The narrator's value of self-containment, sharing, and the love of God expresses the importance of morality in the lives of

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