The Canterbury Tales : The Canterbury Tales Themes

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The Canterbury Tales: The Merchant's Tales Themes
Caleb Price
Mrs. Kincaid
Period 8
October 13, 2017

In "The Canterbury Tales" Many themes are presented throughout all the takes in the book. The Merchant's tale was a very interesting and influential story about marriage in which an old man falls in love with a young woman and comes to regret the entire thing in the end. This tale is told also told in a very ironic manner as we learn how much that the Merchant is unhappy with his own personal marriage, while his story is giving the others of the tale marriage advice. The themes of the merchant's tale include marriage, love, and bad decisions. These themes are shown serval times throughout this tale, and are too shown in other tales throughout "The Canterbury Tales".

Marriage is a very common thing in the medieval times when these tales were written. It was untold and forsaken to have any form of intimate contact with another person unless they were married so most, of not all people married during this period in time. The Merchant even says "To take a wife is a most glorious thing/ Especially if a man is old and hoary." which reveals it is at the time on of the best things a man can do, especially the Tales old main character, whom is a knight, January. January is about 60 years old and is a very honorable knight. He meets a girl named May who he instantly falls in love with and wants to marry. May is a very young girl and January is a old man. From the beginning you
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