The Capabilities Of Motorcycle Cruisers

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Capabilities in Motorcycle Cruisers Motorcycle Cruisers is known for creating a stream of customers who are an elite bunch of people and have their own level of desire for motorcycle. The main objective of Motorcycle Cruisers has been to maintain the brand image in the eye of the consumer so that the customers don’t ever feel the image to be diluted. It is the experience that the customer goes through makes the bond special. Company has integrated its supply chain so well that consumers gets to interact directly with the suppliers and get the motorcycle as per his requirements. It creates a long term bond towards the company from the customer side. This is the single most important strategy adopted by Motorcycle Cruisers to create successful relationship marketing with the customer. It makes the customer loyal towards the brand. Marketing personnel’s of the company are very well trained so that they can understand the actual needs and want of the customer, and assure the desired output from the supply side of the company. It is said that the company does not only sell motorcycle but they sell a complete ownership experience. This is possible only because of the employees of the company The strategies that Motorcycle Cruisers could use are: Focused Differentiation Strategy The aim of focused differentiation strategy is to secure a competitive advantage through offering customers of niche market with a product that they perceive as very well suited to their needs, tastes and

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