The Capital City Of A Central European Country

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Introduction: The Capital Hotel is located in the capital city of a Central European country. In the past its clients are government business. The room occupancy rate was on average 50%. This custom has declined somewhat in the last two years, but it has been more than replaced by business-people from neighboring countries in the week and by foreign tourists at the weekend. The average room occupancy rate is now 75%; 60% of rooms are sold at 'rack ' price and it is not uncommon for the hotel to be fully booked especially at weekends. Generally speaking there is greater demand for catering staff at weekends since many tourists like to take lunch in the hotel’s restaurant. This hotel has some problems such as decrease customers. This…show more content…
- The advantage of internal data: 1- full awareness about the organization needs of employees. 2- Full the future position by finding candidates. 2) External data from outside the organization: Scanning the market or the environment outside the organization to analyze the new qualification and skills. - The advantage of external data: 1- identification of new strategies for employee’s development. 2- Applying a high level of training for employees within the organization. Methods that helped HR employers to collect (internal-external) data: First, Observation method, although it is commonly used in studies of movement and times it for the purpose of job analysis is not able to obtain sufficient and accurate information without the use of methods and help survey. In general, the observation method is considered the most appropriate way in the case of simple functions that include repetitive work, and it is also useful in the case of other jobs to get accurate information about the realistic conditions of the working conditions and the nature of the machinery and equipment used and the risk to the job post. The second method, the survey method: And it is usually used when they are hiring experts from outside the organization to complete the analysis and calendar functions help program where this method to accomplish as much of the work in a relatively short period of time compared to other methods. Third method, opposite way, and one

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