The Capital Justification Expenditure Is Vital For The Return On Investment Of A Per Provider For Electronic Medical Records

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Indicating the capital justification expenditures is vital for the return on investment of a Per Provider for Electronic Medical Record Implementation. Several key aspects are necessary to mention of the amount and type of expenditure, attainment of key decision criteria, and detailed financial analysis. Hospitals, clinics, and ambulatory care settings even have to indicate important capital expenditures. Factoring in risk is always crucial to consider as well as physician acceptance, competition from HCO’s and volume and market data increase. Health care organizations and universities should be maintaining increased ROI and consistently improving areas of risk and HCO’s aspects to be mentioned in further detail. Factors of Justification…show more content…
For instance, there are generic principles of pricing of desired net income, competitive position, and market structure. According to (Cleverly, Song, & Cleverly, 2011), every business must generate enough revenue through its sales of products and services to sustain its operations and provide for the replacement of its physical assets as well as provide a return to its investors. Partners Healthcare System and among other organizations must recognize levels of pricing, so inadequate pricing doesn’t accumulate to lead to business disaster. The next factor to consider is competitive position and healthcare firms can substantially ensure higher quality of care when pricing there products and services at an increased level. Aside from pricing, cost is another major aspect since it can drastically affect a company’s competitive position. A hard investment would involve a MRI device that insurance companies or healthcare organizations could reimburse the office at a higher rate for providing the patients of improved cost-efficient results. As a result, such benefits accrue primarily from savings in drug expenditures, improved utilization of radiology tests, better capture of charges, and decreased billing errors, (Wang et al., 2003). Physician providers are always in competition with the latest and greatest technology, EMR system, and most effective medication for patients.
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