The Capital Of A Great European Empire

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Haley Sung 1900 Vienna 5 December 2015 1900 Vienna At the turn of the century Vienna was the capital of a great European empire, which had for centuries profited from cultural exchange with countries as diverse as the Netherlands, Spain and American colonies. Utilizing a complex network of marriages motivated by country’s advantage, the Hapsburg Empire was connected with all dynasties that surrounded Vienna. In the city of Austria, cultural productivity essentially came from the multi-ethnic complexion of the city itself, of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The empire stood as the center of commerce and the seat of government and drew in people from throughout Central Europe like a magnet. Especially from all the Austria provinces, immigrants…show more content…
In the realm of creative literature, turn-of-the-century Vienna also generated bodies of text by Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Edward Mörike, who helped define advanced, modern literature style of German-speaking Europe and reflect on the characteristics of life in Vienna during the Habsburg Empire. An Austrian painter named Egon Schiele redefines beauty during the expressionism movement. Born in June 12th, 1890 in Tuln an de Donau near Vienna, Schiele spends most of his life in Vienna and dies on October 31st, 1918. After recognition from one of his primary art schoolteachers, Schiele decided to take a formal training at Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts where Gustav Klimpt had attended. He admired Klimpt’s work out of all artists and found a mentor-mentee relationship that had a great impact on Schiele’s development as a young artist. He underwent through a phase of work inspired by Klimpt then later found his own ways of creating art that forever changed how they viewed beauty throughout 1900 Vienna. At age of twenty, Schiele studied his own naked body in a series of self-portraits and discovered his own definition of body figures in painting. In his painting Self-Seer I, a nude double portrait of Schiele represents autoeroticism, which was not the norm in Vienna society. The background carries no decorations as it carries
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