The Capital Project

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The Capital Purchase
Suzanne Hrubes RN, BSN

January 14, 2013

The Emergency Room

The Emergency Room at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center (GSHMC) is one of the busiest on Long Island. GSHMC maintains the prestigious status of being a Magnet designated hospital as well as a level two trauma center (Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center [GSHMC], 2012). GSHMC has five hundred and thirty seven beds and is a not-for-profit hospital. The Emergency Room sees over one hundred thousand patients per year (GSHMC, 2012). The patient population is mainly from the South Shore of Long Island, NY. The services provided at GSHMC cover all aspects of patient care and medical disciplines including Pediatrics. Presently the pediatric
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The injured health care professional may eventually need to change their career path secondary to permanent MSD’s (Menzel & Nelson, 2010). Recent studies report a sixty thousand dollar annual reduction in medical costs when safe staffing is maintained (ANA, 2011). Additionally, reduced malpractice claims, payouts, readmission, denials and fines will be experience when adequate staffing is maintained (ANA, 2011). Most noteworthy, the patient’s may experience less pain or suffering and therefore better outcomes can be anticipated with safe staffing. This sends a clear message to management; powered devices are an investment that can reduce staff injuries while also ensuring the safe handling of the patients as well.

Increased Productivity
Staff injuries that include lower back discomfort and MSD’s are considered of the most common amongst healthcare professionals (Liebert, 2007). Recent articles reflect that a staggering seventy percent of staff injuries are related to direct manual patient handling and transfers (Liebert, 2007). Staff injuries negatively affect productivity levels secondary to lost time (Liebert, 2007). This often creates a viscous cycle leaving less staff to care for more patients. This in turn increases the risks for experiencing an injury onto the overburdened and overwhelmed staff. The use of the Procedural Stretcher with
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