The Capitol Of The United States

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Far to the north, in the vast wilderness that is Alaska was a sprawling nation. At the center of it all was the Capitol. The Capitol controlled everything and ruled with an iron fist. Surrounding the Capitol were 13 districts. These districts provided everything the nation needed. In return for their support, the Capitol protected its districts. This year, everything seemed to be perfect. Unemployment was low, income was up, crime was at an all time low, and the Capitol and the districts seemed to be entering a golden age of peace and prosperity. Not everyone was so easy to trust the Capitol though. Some believed that the Capitol was filled with tyrants who only saw the people of the districts as cattle to be worked. Some were craving for a revolution that would overturn the Capitol’s power. One such individual was Benny Andes. Benny lived in District 13 and held as much fame as the president of Alaska. In the past, Benny had been a member of a secret CTU division operating in New York. Benny had spent several years taking out the worst of the worst. Using his extraordinary talents as an analyst and an expert counter-terrorism agent, Benny had saved an incredible number of lives and had made just as many enemies. At present, Benny lived in the largest house District 13 had to offer. Though District 13 (Nome, Alaska) would be considered a small town, Benny had had his house constructed so it could serve all his needs. In doing so, Benny’s house was a large mansion. Benny’s…
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