The Capitol Summary

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It starts out with Katniss is in District 13 with her mom, sister and Gale and the capitol has captured peeta and brainwashed him. Katniss home district, district 12, had been bombed and now whoever survived is in district 13. The only reason why they are there is because Gale led them there.Finally after a while they get peeta once again from the capital however he hates and wants to kill katniss now because the capital took hold of him by putting tracker jacker venom into him which causes fear and makes him want to kill katniss at random times, they never know when he will snap so they have to lock him up. Gale and katniss have this unusual relationship going on because he likes her alot, however she's confused and upset, Gale settling on all these cruel war choices that she doesn't care for.…show more content…
Finally they reach the capitol with 5 individuals left and they rushed to president snow's house because katniss needs to kill him. Then out of nowhere while everyone is in the capitol, planes fly by dropping what people think are gifts. But they are really bombs, mostly everyone there died, including Katniss's sister. After this event Coin, or President Coin now debates whether or not to have another hunger games. Now president snow is sent to be executed by the mocking jay(Katniss) so as she is lining up to fire the arrow at the Snow, she points it up and kills President coin. She is immediately arrested and sent to a room to await her trial. Finally after a while haymitch comes to visit her. Then Peeta comes in to talk to her. They decided to live by themselves in district twelve instead of Katniss going to jail for killing the president. District 13 has finally fixed Peeta so he now knows the truth about the capitol and how bad they
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