The Captors: A Short Story

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The captors

Luther arrived at home after an exhausting day at school. Always being pushed around and walked over, it's very tiring. He walked past the gray livingroom, down the hallway and into the kitchen. He slowly leaned forward for a soda and drank rapidly. Tomorrow will be better he thought. On his way outside to hang out with his friend. His mom yelled from the living room “make sure you do your homework.”

The next day was worst than the last, his best friend pushed him to tell the teacher his dog ate his homework even though he had the work done and at school. But he couldn't say no, so he took a deep breath and told the teacher his dog ate his homework. Of course he got in trouble and was sent to a hour of detention at the end of
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The person walked out into the light so I could see him better, he looked like he was around the age 27 and his hair was dark brown he wore a blue long sleeve shirt and jeans the man replied “how did you get this”

“I found this by the window in my house, why do you want to know”

“This is a map leading to an alien clan I have been studying, don't tell me you called the police!”

“Of course I did what else was I supposed to do.”

“No, no, no, they have been trying to track me down for years because of my information on them, but they have never known my location until you called them to your house. they are probably sending police her right now, we have to leave!!!”

“There is no way i'm going, i have never left this town before, and I dont even know your name.”

“ my name is tyron, There going to come after you also because you have that map you know”

“Ok, Let's make a deal you take me to find my mom and I will go with you as long as I hold on to the map just in case you plan on betraying me and leaving me
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Well great your inexperience got our tire popped. where going to have to continue on foot.

They continued for about 6 hours on foot until the map led them to a mountain.

This is where the map leads. Luther whispered

In that case we better clime it and see if we can find an entrance

Are you crazy that mountain is at least 3 miles high

Well do you want to find your mom or not

Ok lets go

They climbed for an hour before finding an entrance

Is this the way in

Yes and it is opened by putting the map here

Tyron stepped close to the big metal door and placed the map in one of the many holes

That should do it Tyron said as he backed away from the door.

The door create a loud creaking sound as it opened revealing an entire advanced complex inside the mountain.

I would have never guessed this was here luther whispered

Yes this is amazing

Get down tyron whispered

They both shot down and took cover inside the fort. Two blue aliens with giant knives as hands come toward their hiding spot. The two aliens looked around and called for support and two other aliens this time with hands but with fangs and a tooth lined mouth came to close the door and took the
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