The Car Crash Management System Case Study

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This report presents an analysis of the Car Crash management system case study. Stakeholder needs, relationships, hopes, concerns are outlined through a rich picture. A software development methodology for the central tracking system will also be proposed. A swim lane diagram representing the actors and processes will additionally be included. A spreadsheet demonstrating how information collected during the accident is able to be stored in a database will be presented. Three shortcomings of the proposed system are identified and provided with respective recommended solutions. The role and importance of social media in improving the existing standalone system will be discussed.

CCMS is a new proposed system with the objective of aiding the local government with the task of prioritising and tracking traffic conditions. Under the assumption that the government will provide funding for the project, a rich picture will depict the system under consideration though the identification of primary and secondary stakeholders, their existing relationships, hopes, concerns as well as other relevant internal and external factors. Towards the development of a central tracking system, a waterfall software development methodology has been selected; the funding and time allocation of $300 000 and six months has been divided accordingly to each stage. A swim lane diagram has been attached to depict the processes occurring within the…

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