The Car - Original Writing

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As I blinked my eyes open, I remembered the screeching of the car. My heart racing at felt like a thousand’s, I finally remembered it had happened so quickly. I layed down until my mind comprehended what was happening. I heard an easy voice in the distance, ‘’Are you all right?’’It was the paramedics talking to little sisters. I tried to yell, but the medics walked up to me and patted me up, and told me to go get my sisters and follow her to the ambulance. I ran crying and breathing harshly and complaining that they wanted my mom. I felt like crying but I could not. I had to keep my sisters, who are still 4 years old calm. We went to the ambulance and waited. Then the police officer walked up to us and asked us some question. I asked him if, I could look for my dad but he handed me. My dad’s phone and my mom’s necklace. He told me that the paramedics took them to the hospital. The police officer thanked us and climbed out the ambulance. The medic closed the door and drove us to the hospital. As I entered the building, the nurse tapped my shoulder ‘’excuse me are those your parents?’’ She showed me the picture. ‘‘Yes but where are they?’’ she didn’t reply, she just bowed her head and held my hands, I took a deep breath and ask her again ‘’do know where are my parents have passed away’’ I was dumbfounded ‘’nooooo! , that’s not true, you’re lying to me why did they leave me?’’ I screamed. I stand taking it out on people that didn’t deserve it. I needed a lot of help. I didn’t
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