The Car T Cells Essay

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-What are CAR-T cells? Describe their structure.
Car T-cells are more formally known as chimeric antigen receptors. These cells are genetically modified t-cells that are designed to target tumor cells. These CAR t-cells work by circulating through the blood looking for cells that they can bind to. The receptors of these cells are specifically designed to recognize a pattern that is common cancer. Once they cell comes into contact with the specific receptor, cell will then attack and destroy the cancer, but also can tell the rest of the body that there is a problem. The additional hope is that the CAR-T cells will create memory cells within the body as a normal T-cell. In the simplest explanation, CAR-T cells are genetically modified to attack cells the body would otherwise not recognize.
These cells are recombinant receptors that have been developed specifically for this purpose. These CARs are usually composed of an extracellular antigen recognition receptor that is attached by a spacer to a transmembrane domain. Around these transmembrane domains could be additional domains that function as co-stimulator to produce a further immune response. In a normal t-cell, there is a requirement of an MHC molecule to bind and recognize the antigen, however, the CAR T-cells are capable of overcoming the limitation. So CAR T-cells are able to bind directly and independent of this system allowing the cell to read a much diverse pool.
-How are they generated for clinical use?
These cells
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