The Caravans Of Gold And The King And City

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In the two documentaries that we watched in class “the Caravans of Gold” and the “King and City”, I could appreciated the different that they had between political, economic and the traditions and the cultural organizations.
The first empire in West Africa was the empire of Ghana. West Africa has an economic base in gold, 600 years ago. That means that West Africa had a deposit of gold that had brought great wealth to the surrounding people from which great empires emerged. The gold was trade and the trader with camels carried the gold across the Sahara from West Africa to North Africa. From there traders shipped the gold to Europe and to the West Asia. One of the three most powerful empires in West Africa is Ghana. In the 11th century, his armies made the master trade routes from morocco in the north to the coastal forests of West Africa in the South. This transit made Ghana gained more wealth. Then Arabs and Muslim began to exploit that trade route. Late in the 11th century, a militant Muslim group destroyed Ghana and the Susu that was another powerful empire, regained the power in the 12th century. The government of Ghana depended on how well disposed the king was to foreign travellers. The Islamic writers often commented on the social-political stability of the Empire based on the seemingly just actions and grandeur of the king. In the late 19th century as French forces occupied the region in which ancient Ghana lay, colonial officials began collecting traditional…
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