The Cardiac Arrest Call On September 10th, 2017, And Supervisor Carlock 's Charge Of Insubordination

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This letter is in reference to our meeting yesterday, regarding the cardiac arrest call on January 10th, 2017, and Supervisor Carlock’s charge of insubordination.
On the above date, I was on Med 4 with Paramedic Jeff Kennedy. At 2142 Hrs., we were dispatched to a Priority 3 person sick call at 131 Providence Club Dr. in Bold Springs, which is in Med 2’s territory. The patient was a 41 y/o male, with no known cardiac history. Due to the distance from our quarters in Loganville, which according to Google Navigation is a distance of 11.0 miles, I advised central to have fire rescue en route for response time. They dispatched Engine 8 and District 1. We arrived at 2201 Hrs. and Capt. Herb Huff on District 1 advised us that the patient
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At this time, Supervisor Carlock had met up with us on Bold Springs Rd. near Station 8. He pulled behind our unit and I stopped also. Upon feeling our unit stop, Paramedic Kennedy shouted “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I SAID DON’T STOP!” Due to darkness and all of the flashing lights, I could not tell if Supervisor Carlock was standing outside of his vehicle, so I proceeded to drive to the hospital. I called supervisor Carlock and advised him what Paramedic Kennedy told me to do, and he answered 10-4.
We arrived at Clearview at 2231 Hrs. and took the patient to room 14. I went back outside and began to put our unit back together when Supervisor Carlock approached me and in a very agitated voice said: “WHY DID YOU PULL OFF?” Surprised, I said “What are you talking about?” He said loudly, “I TOLD YOU TO STOP AND YOU DIDN’T!” I replied, “Jeff was telling me not to stop because we had a pulse back.” He said “I DON’T CARE WHAT JEFF SAID, I’M YOUR SUPERVISOR AND I TOLD YOU TO STOP!” I said “Dennis, I think you’re talking to the wrong person, you need to be talking to Jeff, I was doing what he told me to do.” He replied “WHO’S YOUR SUPERVISOR, WHO’S YOUR SUPERVISOR, I AM, NOT JEFF, YOU DO WHAT I SAY!” I said ”yes, you are the supervisor, but at that moment I was doing what the Paramedic in charge of patient care was telling me to do, and what I felt was best for the Pt., since we had a 41 Y/O patient who had a pulse.” He said “I DON’T CARE, YOU DO WHAT I SAY!
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