The Cardinal Values Of Social Work

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My intern site is a social service agency that is dedicated to working with the LGBTQ+ community. The mission of the organization is to provide a safe, supported, and celebrated environment for adolescents. In interning over the last several weeks, I have come to acknowledge and comprehend why the values of social work are so important when working with the adolescents that attend Youth Outlook. According to this weeks reading about the Cardinal Values of Social Work. It's important for me to understand that all of these values impact each person that I come in contact with on a weekly basis. Access to resources, dignity, and worth and interpersonal relationships, integrity, and value and competence are values that are incorporated into each drop-in site so that the clients can feel safe and supported.
One of most important thing that the agency provides for young people in the community is to provide access to resources by offering eight drop-in centers throughout the suburbs of Chicago. Access to resources is critical to our youth. “All human beings deserve access to the resources they need to deal with life’s problems and to develop to their fullest potential”( Hepworth, D. H., Rooney, R. H., Rooney, G. D., & Strom-Gottfried, K. 2017). By implementing this value into the agency, young people are provided safe places to meet every week.In doing so, it provides an opportunity for staff and the young people to meet so they can discuss the many issues that affect
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