The Cardiovascular System And The Nervous System

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Explanation and Background: Stress. It is something every human being on this planet has dealt with at least once in their lives. Whether it being something very small or something very large, stress affects not only our mental state but also physically affects our body as well. When talking about stress, it is important to be knowledgeable to the physical alterations it makes to your body that are far more subtle than the mental effects. Stress can be counteracted by our body in our endocrine system as well as our sympathetic nervous systems. These are the two divisions of the body I will be exploring today.

Structure, Function and relationship to the body: The two major organ systems that are dedicated to maintaining internal coordination in the body and help combat the effects of stress are the Endocrine System and the Nervous system.

Endocrine System: This system communicates by means of chemical messengers, also known as hormones, secreted into the blood. Stress affects this system greatly. The endocrine system is highly responsive to you when you undergo stress. Its main responsibility in this aspect is the mobilization of your bodies resources to deal with threats. It acts on signals from your brain. Your hypothalamus alerts your pituitary gland which then releases stress hormones into your bodies blood stream. These hormones are used to stimulate several endocrine glands throughout your body. The endocrine system is where the fight or flight response
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